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So you just started with jQuery

January 15, 2013by Andrei Dragomirin DevelopmentNo Comments

Good for you! It is one of the best JavaScript libraries out there. It resolves most cross-browser issues and provides methods for common client-side programming tasks, which would have taken you a lot of time (and skill) to implement back in the old days. It really is a time-saver. Nevertheless, there are a few things…

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A new way for web graphics

October 25, 2012by Andrei Petrescuin DevelopmentNo Comments

I do admit I am a fan of games. So when I heard of WebGL and things it could do, I got a bit excited and started searching more info about it and of course, some examples. But let’s start with the beginning. What is WebGL? WebGL actually stands for Web Graphics Library and is…

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Case Study: DB Schenker Loco Planning

May 9, 2012by Andrei Dragomirin Development, Projects1 Comment
Screen Shot 2012-05-09 at 20.27.45

Loco Planning is a web application that we built for DB Schenker as part of the DBS Trip project. Its main goal is to help DB Schenker employees to plan and view locomotive assignments and route informations (such as stations, distances, departure and arrival times) in a user friendly manner. Reasons Before the app, the…

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