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Designers should write

January 30, 2013by Alexandra Brăslașuin Design conceptsNo Comments

The essence of being a designer is the ability to communicate a message as simple as possible for the viewer or user. And sometimes, it is up to the designer to define what that message will be. Words, or written language, stand at the basis of our civilization and they are another weapon in the…

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Solve the riddle – “Did you understand?”

November 9, 2012by Daniel Ovidiu Banicain Business, People, SocialNo Comments
diff copy

“Under certain circumstances, we could have had the possibility to see it from another angle and maybe would have done it differently.” “…” (silence) “F*ck, §$&%$§!, sh*t, aksjdhfa” (screaming) “you really don’t get it, do you, you little piece of sh*t?” (yelling) “It’s awesome, really! Still, there is something we should take into consideration” “It’s…

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