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Adobe flash technology

February 18, 2011by Daniel Ovidiu Banicain DevelopmentNo Comments

I was reading some articles about steve jobs trying to convince major newspapers (like Wall Street Journal) to use non-flash (mainly JS) technology instead of the – as he called it old (we (Apple) don’t “spend a lot of energy on old technology”) now, of course he has to push his new market defining products…

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Payment gateway for magento online shop #xng

January 20, 2011by Daniel Ovidiu Banicain DevelopmentNo Comments

Here is an e-commerce application based on magento community edition – For the Hamburg based internet agency TUDOCK,  we integrated the Computop Payment Gateway ( as a magento extention. It allows Credit Card Payments and based on an internal ID registered user do not need to enter their Data more than once. No sensitive…

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Human Perception

August 29, 2010by Daniel Ovidiu Banicain Activities, People, ProjectsNo Comments

Huston we have a problem! Here is my problem (of the day):  How do you change perception? I was visiting a potential client in Bucharest last week on behalf of trender (as you might know trender is epoint spin-off project. Anyway, the concept of trender is based around Word of Mouth (trender offers structured Word of…

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XTcommerce goes Magento

July 28, 2010by Adrian Șchiopuin DevelopmentNo Comments

On behalf of a Munich based Internet Agency we migrated the whole content for a online shop from the old XTcommerce system to the Magento community edition. We were responsible only for the data migration; design, business logic and integration was done by the local team. We were forced to do the migration in 3…

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Möbel Hubacher

July 26, 2010by Adrian Șchiopuin Development, ProjectsNo Comments

One of the leading furniture companies in Switzerland get a new and exiting website relaunch. Together with the Zürich based Creative Studio Senger Interactive ( we relaunched the Corporate Website of Möbel Hubacher. Almost 1.000 Products are beautifully displayed on a well structured and easy to find manner. The Typo3 based system allows the marketing…

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