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Multilanguage and location complexity for international websites

June 17, 2011by Cristina Martinin Development, ProjectsNo Comments

Most of the websites, nowadays, need to promote their products/services in more than one language. Some of them need also different content for different countries. For one of our projects, recent developed in Typo3, Impaq Group, which has services in five different countries we needed to find a solution so the visitor could be redirected to the proper section…

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Using Microsoft Excel to edit web content

May 2, 2011by Adrian Șchiopuin ActivitiesNo Comments

Back-end interfaces should provide the users with a fast way to change the content of their websites. Most of the time, however, they are underdeveloped parts of the application, lacking in usability and with a generally inefficient work flow. Why? – a very common misconception: it isn’t as important as the front-end because it’s not…

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The Facebook Javascript API for flash websites

April 29, 2011by Adrian Șchiopuin DevelopmentNo Comments

One of the most challenging and, at the same time, entertaining task I was assigned to lately was to implement a functionality for a full-flash website (developed in Flex) that allowed it to communicate with Facebook and have it change the user’s status automatically. Facebook is a huge social network and a wonderfully designed application.…

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Good old spam

April 19, 2011by Daniel Ovidiu Banicain DevelopmentNo Comments

It is nice to hear that clients are satisfied and they are recommending us. Since we are still in stealth mode with this client, I am not allowed to tell you any names. So I got an email (it was actually a discussion between 2 colleagues about our services and so on). The last email was…

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Locale cache in memory for Drupal

March 8, 2011by Adrian Șchiopuin DevelopmentNo Comments

A few months ago, due to the week performance of the Amazee application for some pages, the need for a speed improvement came up. So, we tried to think about some ways of improving the overall speed of the Amazee site. A very good idea came from Liviu: caching the locale in memory. The locale…

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