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Multilanguage and location complexity for international websites

June 17, 2011by Cristina Martinin Development, ProjectsNo Comments

Most of the websites, nowadays, need to promote their products/services in more than one language. Some of them need also different content for different countries. For one of our projects, recent developed in Typo3, Impaq Group, which has services in five different countries we needed to find a solution so the visitor could be redirected to the proper section…

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Human Perception

August 29, 2010by Daniel Ovidiu Banicain Activities, People, ProjectsNo Comments

Huston we have a problem! Here is my problem (of the day):  How do you change perception? I was visiting a potential client in Bucharest last week on behalf of trender (as you might know trender is epoint spin-off project. Anyway, the concept of trender is based around Word of Mouth (trender offers structured Word of…

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Möbel Hubacher

July 26, 2010by Adrian Șchiopuin Development, ProjectsNo Comments

One of the leading furniture companies in Switzerland get a new and exiting website relaunch. Together with the Zürich based Creative Studio Senger Interactive ( we relaunched the Corporate Website of Möbel Hubacher. Almost 1.000 Products are beautifully displayed on a well structured and easy to find manner. The Typo3 based system allows the marketing…

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Diabla is online!

June 17, 2010by Raluca Gavriloaiein ProjectsNo Comments

Epoint did it again! Two weeks ago we finally went online with a new website. The owner of the website is diabla media publishing, a “devilishly good media!” which publishes the SUCCEED, skyline and Ambient Media magazines. Going online with the website took longer than we thought it will, but we finally made it: nice…

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