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A 15 minutes lesson

October 25, 2011by Daniel Ovidiu Banicain Business, People, ProjectsNo Comments
trender VC pitch at ventureconnnect Timisoara

I had my first pitch ever a few days ago. Actually it was on my birthday on the 19th of October. I had 7 minutes for the presentation and another 8 minutes for Q&A.  More details on VentureConnect Timisoara. For those of you that don’t know, trender is the first advertising agency in Romania focusing on Word…

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Epoint goes to Transalpina

October 18, 2011by Daniel Ighișanin Activities, People4 Comments

So this is a story not about the Alps as you may think, but about a group of Epoint “lab rats” who wanted to conquer a new restored road, one of the most spectacular roads of the  Carpathian Mountains. It is said that the road was built under King Carol I rule and it was…

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Human Perception

August 29, 2010by Daniel Ovidiu Banicain Activities, People, ProjectsNo Comments

Huston we have a problem! Here is my problem (of the day):  How do you change perception? I was visiting a potential client in Bucharest last week on behalf of trender (as you might know trender is epoint spin-off project. Anyway, the concept of trender is based around Word of Mouth (trender offers structured Word of…

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