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Case Study: DB Schenker Loco Planning

May 9, 2012by Andrei Dragomirin Development, Projects1 Comment
Screen Shot 2012-05-09 at 20.27.45

Loco Planning is a web application that we built for DB Schenker as part of the DBS Trip project. Its main goal is to help DB Schenker employees to plan and view locomotive assignments and route informations (such as stations, distances, departure and arrival times) in a user friendly manner. Reasons Before the app, the…

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We are going mobile

January 26, 2012by Cristiana Știucăin Development, ProjectsNo Comments

Long time no “see” We are eager to tell you what epoint did in the last months. We focused our attention on the “mobile zone” and we organized a small unit that will develop, with a lot of passion (of course) mobile applications. Part of our team are smartphones enthusiasts and love technological toys that`s…

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Web Performance testing tools

November 28, 2011by Daniel Ighișanin Development2 Comments

It ‘just works’ is not enough — it must work well! So here is a list of some benchmarking tools and some useful info and links to help you trough the process. 1. ab – Apache Or how to performance Benchmark a Web server by using ab from Apache. You can use it to benchmark…

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