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So you just started with jQuery

January 15, 2013by Andrei Dragomirin DevelopmentNo Comments

Good for you! It is one of the best JavaScript libraries out there. It resolves most cross-browser issues and provides methods for common client-side programming tasks, which would have taken you a lot of time (and skill) to implement back in the old days. It really is a time-saver. Nevertheless, there are a few things…

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A few thoughts on learning

December 7, 2012by Andrei Dragomirin Development, People1 Comment

We’ve all been rookies once and we will always be in many areas. We have a lot of questions and many times no one is there to help. We have to search for solutions ourselves, try them, fail, curse, abuse whatever object is closer, and then repeat from step one, until we finally reach the…

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Case Study on

November 23, 2012by Florin Târnovanuin Activities, Development, PeopleNo Comments

If you followed our blog, you already know that last weekend our team held the a presentation at Drupal Camp Arad 2012.  If you are curious to find out what our session was all about, you`ll find below all the details about  ”Using Drupal to create high scale websites with multiple instances. Case study: Fish…

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A new way for web graphics

October 25, 2012by Andrei Petrescuin DevelopmentNo Comments

I do admit I am a fan of games. So when I heard of WebGL and things it could do, I got a bit excited and started searching more info about it and of course, some examples. But let’s start with the beginning. What is WebGL? WebGL actually stands for Web Graphics Library and is…

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