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Using Microsoft Excel to edit web content

May 2, 2011by Adrian Șchiopuin ActivitiesNo Comments

Back-end interfaces should provide the users with a fast way to change the content of their websites. Most of the time, however, they are underdeveloped parts of the application, lacking in usability and with a generally inefficient work flow. Why? – a very common misconception: it isn’t as important as the front-end because it’s not…

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Human Perception

August 29, 2010by Daniel Ovidiu Banicain Activities, People, ProjectsNo Comments

Huston we have a problem! Here is my problem (of the day):  How do you change perception? I was visiting a potential client in Bucharest last week on behalf of trender (as you might know trender is epoint spin-off project. Anyway, the concept of trender is based around Word of Mouth (trender offers structured Word of…

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