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Designers should write

January 30, 2013by Alexandra Brăslașuin Design conceptsNo Comments

The essence of being a designer is the ability to communicate a message as simple as possible for the viewer or user. And sometimes, it is up to the designer to define what that message will be. Words, or written language, stand at the basis of our civilization and they are another weapon in the designer’s arsenal, one he or she should not be afraid to make use of.

When it comes to the web, in a world where content is king, there is a word choice to be made in every button, every link, every title. Writing can be a powerful tool for convincing people and can make a concise argument with sound reasoning.

Good written communication is often synonymous with the quality of other types of communication, coming to realize that language equals power and a few well chosen words can fight the power of a brutal weapon. Even though many designers see writing as a requirement for a different job (writers, copywriters and so on), they could perceive it as a chance to broaden their perspective upon communication, leading to creating much better designs.

More than that, having good writing skills is a way of demonstrating intellectual elegance, can help in assisting clients in creating promotional material, communicating the project progress and even in negotiating contracts or agreements.

The relationship with one’s team is noticeably improved by decent communication. Writing opens the door to the possibility of better expressing your emotional response to a project. It is required of you, the designer, to clearly communicate with a client in regards to what is expected from you and what will be offered in return. You make use of words in writing briefs and proposals.

Before I rest my case, I should offer you the chance to see for yourself the experience that is created by some good copywriting. It can take you from feeling unique to giving your trust to the website / product / company that addresses you. They make use of clear and concise language, in a minimal message that tickles the attention of the reader, keeps him engaged and will be so easy to remember.

Here are some examples:




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