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Drupal Camp Arad 2012 – Liveblogging

November 16, 2012by Cristiana Știucăin Development, People, SocialNo Comments

13.03- Alex Popa

Thank you folks!

It was just awesome!

12.45- Adelina Maxim

And let the questions begin! …. and they are several!

Good job boys! We are very proud of you!

12.33- Adelina Maxim

… also, our collegues are watching us live on DrupalCamp webstream: .

We invite you to join us too!

12.31- Adelina Maxim

Florin: “Fishermen catch … fish!”

We say: “if they are lucky! “

12.27- Adelina Maxim

We are happy to see that the audience is very interested in our presentation - Using Drupal to create high scale websites with multiple instances. Case study: FishHub. Everyone is just eyes and ears.


12.19- Adelina Maxim


12.15- Adelina Maxim


12.09- Adelina Maxim

and START !

11.55- Adelina Maxim

and now, the coffee before…

10.59- Adelina Maxim

Entities in Drupal 7  is the current presentation. As is sounds, this is a a session dedicated to advanced Drupal developers.

10.11- Adelina Maxim

A bit earlier, the second session has started: Easy your way – Drupal Distributions.

This session is about site-building, about the distributions that are created with Drupal, how and when to use them.


09.49- Adelina Maxim

The first session has started:  Drupal 7 as a framework – An overview of available APIs.

This session is mostly dedicated for the newbies in Drupal: folder structure, drupal core, modules, hooks … everything you need to know to start a drupal website.


09.36- Adelina Maxim

Let the show begin!

While people are preparing for the weekend, our team is working on their presentation for Drupal Camp Romania 2012.

In case you didn`t find out until now, Drupal Camp Arad 2012 will take place on 17th and 18th of November in the city of Arad.

Our colleagues, Adelina, Florin and Marius held the presentation, internally, yesterday.  The other member of the “Fantastic Four”, Todd (our partner), will land from Istanbul in Timisoara at lunch and we are all anxious to see the new presentation held in complete formula.

Tomorrow morning, the epoint team will be heading to the city of Arad and, if you didn`t manage to register to the conferences, Adelina will be live blogging from the event.

Our session theme is ”Using Drupal to create high scale websites with multiple instances. Case study: Fish Hub” and we invite you to follow our blog if you want sneak peeks from the entire event.

That being said, we`ll be back tomorrow morning, live from Drupal Camp 2012 Arad.

P.S     You should know that is Adelina`s first live blogging so be easy on her  :)

P.P.S  And don`t forget to follow #DrupalArad on Twitter.


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