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epoint “Culinary Feast”

October 5, 2012by Cristiana Știucăin Activities, People3 Comments

Without a doubt we are a team of foodies. From talking about food to organizing a dedicated Thursday for cooking wasn’t far away. We had three feasts already and we managed to go through 3 different kind of World Wide Cuisine.

We started with “Magyar Cuisine” with Chef Ciprian in charge and our taste buds enjoyed an authentic Gulyas (a very spicy dish prepared with beef, tomatoes, potatoes and very hot peppers). We all got sweaty eating but it was totally worth it.

Next week was among “Una cucina genuina italiana”,  Adelina treated us with a perfect Lasagna prepared with care and passion. Below you have a sample of Adelina’s passion for cooking. A genuine chef always writes down his/her recipes on a piece of paper.

The next “almost the end of the working week” it was Romanian Cuisine’s turn. And if you are Romanian or you visited Romania you know that our dishes are so delicious that, sometimes, you can’t put your cutlery down.

Alex was in charge with this traditional dish and he certainly exceeded our expectations. Too bad the photos can’t capture the flavor.  If “Beans with Smoked Ham” doesn’t say anything to you it’s time to write down the ingredients and the recipe and start preparing this Romanian dish.I promise  every minute spent next to the pot will be worth it.

You have to know that this kind of dish should be eaten with onions and sauerkraut with paprika and pepper.

Until now, we think it was a very good idea to dedicate Thursday afternoons to cooking. Even if we are not professional chefs we are sure that food brings people together.

If your attention was drawn by one of our dishes (or by all of them :) ), let us know.  We will be glad to send you the recipes and some tips&tricks that you’ll need to know during the cooking process.

*Feel the rainbow, Taste the rainbow! :)


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