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We are going mobile

January 26, 2012by Cristiana Știucăin Development, ProjectsNo Comments

Long time no “see” :)

We are eager to tell you what epoint did in the last months. We focused our attention on the “mobile zone” and we organized a small unit that will develop, with a lot of passion (of course) mobile applications.

Part of our team are smartphones enthusiasts and love technological toys that`s why in our agency you can find: 2 iPads, 8 iPhones and 3 Samsung Galaxys, 2 hTC Desire, one hTC Flyer and one Kindle Fire. I think that is pointless to calculate the number of game-type applications that we have in total :)  So it was an easy decision to start our work on a game app.

We proudly present our first mobile app for iOS users: CarQ!

During the last month Adi, Octa and Andu had fun developing this Trivia App. The app has three levels of difficulty and your result can be shared with your friends through the „Share on Facebook” feature.

The app challenges the users to test their knowledge of cars like Aston Martin, Ferrari, Ford, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, BMW etc. It is a quiz for different levels of car knowledge that can classify the user between „Pedestrian” and „ Guru”. The game features 20 cars with high quality exterior images and each level of difficulty has 20 questions. CarQ is integrated with Game Center so the users can keep track of their score and compare it with their friends.

Download the app for free in App Store and test your knowledge. Even the girls from our team gave it a try and the results were not quite so bad ;)

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