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Epoint goes to Transalpina

October 18, 2011by Daniel Ighișanin Activities, People4 Comments

So this is a story not about the Alps as you may think, but about a group of Epoint “lab rats” who wanted to conquer a new restored road, one of the most spectacular roads of the  Carpathian Mountains.

It is said that the road was built under King Carol I rule and it was now finally restored to it’s full glory. You may think that a couple of geeks like us, would have used cars to get there, at over 2000 meters high. But you couldn’t be more wrong. We like to be eco-friendly so we put up a plan to use the cars just to get to Oașa Monastery at the base of the road, and then…get ready for it….to get on our bikes and head up high in the mountains. So we trained for about a week in Timișoara’s heavy traffic, fine tuned our bikes and at the end of the week after all task were done and tickets reported to Jira as completed :) , we were ready for action.

Our first challenge was to fit all the bikes in the cars, we compiled a clever PHP code, scratched our heads, and voila:

So we got on the road, nearly got lost, but made it trough the wilderness and arrived way past midnight at Oașa. The people there were kind to let us in at that late time of night, we got a good nights rest, attended mass like good Christians in the morning (or we would have been dumped out of the Monastery faster then an SQL database) and assembled the bikes. It was easy to decompile them, but the awesomeness was to put them back together. Like trough engineers we got past that with success like we do with our project here at Epoint:

Of we went, putting to a test what we saw in Tour de France. Things really look a lot easier on TV, don’t they?

We’ve encountered strange visitors from another place:

Enjoyed the beauty of a mountain road:

And got tired on the last part of the ascent, after running out of road.

We’ve made it on top, and then what comes up must come down as I always say. And down we went, with spectacular speeds of more then 60km/h (that’s a lot for a bike, if some may ask). The descent got a little bumpy for some of us, but we arrived in one piece. All I can say is that it was truly…lengendary. To feel the wind coming right to your face, to overpass cars, and to see the drivers faces in shock, priceless.

The weekend came to a halt by embracing a more traditional side, to feel how it was without having laptops, mobile phone, iStuffs and other gadgets.

We enjoyed it, but we are still geeks so we gladly returned at our Epoint office in Timișoara with our batteries recharged and ready for a new awesome week of exciting projects.


Daniel Ighișan


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