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A 15 minutes lesson

October 25, 2011by Daniel Ovidiu Banicain Business, People, ProjectsNo Comments
trender VC pitch at ventureconnnect Timisoara

I had my first pitch ever a few days ago. Actually it was on my birthday on the 19th of October. I had 7 minutes for the presentation and another 8 minutes for Q&A.  More details on VentureConnect Timisoara.

For those of you that don’t know, trender is the first advertising agency in Romania focusing on Word of Mouth Marketing campaigns.

Long story short, it did not went well. Here are some stuff I realized and hopefully learned during the 15 minutes pitch:

  1. Prepare, prepare, prepare.  Take your time and work on the presentation. Over and over again.
  2. Understand your audience.  VCs are usually busy people, they’ve seen a lot, understand the industry, so your focus should be on things that matter to them and not especially to you.
  3. Ask for opinions and input from your team.  The presentation was done with Giorgiana and Octa. Thanks for your input!
  4. Aks for external feedback. People that are not too close to the subject will give you a feedback from a “different” angle. I had my presentation reviewed by my friend Peach, who pointed out some of the point that would need improvement, but I had no time to integrate them. So, ask timely for advice and review from your peers.
  5. Focus, focus, focus. Present things that are easy to understand by someone that 5 minutes ago had no idea what you do. I made the mistake to focus too much on the “strategic” part instead on presenting the actual situation and the next steps.
  6. Because of point 5, all 3 Jury members focused on questions regarding the far future and not on the steps that have to be made “now”.  And this was the biggest mistake I made.  At this point I felt that I had “lost” them.
  7. I would have been much better to do more research on the jury members to see their background and what they are “looking” for.

You can download the presentation trender WOMM evolution.


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