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Multilanguage and location complexity for international websites

June 17, 2011by Cristina Martinin Development, ProjectsNo Comments

Most of the websites, nowadays, need to promote their products/services in more than one language. Some of them need also different content for different countries.

For one of our projects, recent developed in Typo3, Impaq Group, which has services in five different countries we needed to find a solution so the visitor could be redirected to the proper section of the multilingual website.

Our solution was to write rules with mod_rewrite in htaccess, using cookies to save the visitor preferences for country and language, as well as using the module GeoIP of Apache to find the visitor’s country by his IP address. You can find a more detailed description of this implementation on Slideshare and you can try it yourself directly on Impaq Group .


Cristina Martin

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