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Good old spam

April 19, 2011by Daniel Ovidiu Banicain DevelopmentNo Comments

It is nice to hear that clients are satisfied and they are recommending us. Since we are still in stealth mode with this client, I am not allowed to tell you any names.

So I got an email (it was actually a discussion between 2 colleagues about our services and so on). The last email was a “thank you reply ” and contained also a screenshot taken from this blog: ”nice, but please tell them to put a spam filter on their blog”.

OK, thank you! And yes, we are thinking about security issues on customer projects.  We do know how to activate a spam filter on our blog (OK, not me personally).

And we do not have any excuse for this one :-)

Anyway guys,  I owe you a beer! :-)

Greetings from Romania

Daniel Ovidiu Banica

He’s connected with todays “digital” field and he never refuses a strong “ristretto” while exchanging some good ideas.

Daniel is the kind of guy you’ll never find sitting on a couch and watching football games on TV drinking beer. And he almost never wears a tie. Better so, look for him on any kind of board that could raise the adrenaline level (we are talking here about kiteboarding, snowboarding and wakeboarding).

Even if patience is not his strength, he likes thinking in perspective and he’ll be very motivated if things will happen as they were planned. Other businesses success drives him to push the limits and achieve great things.

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