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Human Perception

August 29, 2010by Daniel Ovidiu Banicain Activities, People, ProjectsNo Comments

Huston we have a problem! Here is my problem (of the day):  How do you change perception?

I was visiting a potential client in Bucharest last week on behalf of trender (as you might know trender is epoint spin-off project.

Anyway, the concept of trender is based around Word of Mouth (trender offers structured Word of Mouth campaigns). The problem is that the concept is relatively new to Romania.  And I don’t mean that people don’t know what word of mouth is.  I mean in terms of campaigns, in terms of WOM being part of the marketing mix of each and every company, WOM is really new to Romania.

So I presented trender and its concept and tried to explain how a campaign works and what the benefits are (normal sales presentation, I know :-) ). While everybody seemed to understand what trender is doing and offering, almost everybody tried to compare it with something existent.

“Well… this is research and focus group and direct marketing.” I don’t want to argue about what WOM is or not, my problem is why do we (and I include myself here as well) cannot accept something “new” as something new. Why do we have to compare it with something existent?

It is like people were trying to give it a value based on their own value scale or experience. Direct marketing does that, WOM does this,  so compared this one is better or worst than the other.

No, this is wrong, the perception is wrong, you should not compare something new to something existent just to get a better measurement. We should learn to evaluate based on the product/service value.

My question is how do we introduce something “new” to people, without having to compare it with something we know? or is this “compare” thing the only way of introducing something new?

Daniel Ovidiu Banica

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