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Our soul project relaunched: trender – first WOMM Community in Romania

July 20, 2010by Diana Popin Development, ProjectsNo Comments

We started trender project 2 year ago with an original marketing idea and a lot of enthusiasm and willing. Of course, we didn’t invent the concept of word of mouth – this was already present in western Europe, USA – but guess what, in Romania the concept was not so popular and the related market was just “a baby” at that time. So we saw in this a great opportunity for a new business. This way, the first Romanian community for word of mouth marketing was created and people were enthusiastic. We organized some interesting campaigns: from books, hand-made products to telephone services.

Still, based on the users’ feedback, we decided that a refurbishing of the image in needed. Half year ago, we started trender relaunch. Our partner X3 Studios provide us a brand new design that we are very found of and this way we would like to thank them for the new sexy look.

Also we would like to thank to all epoint team for the entire (moral and technical) support, especially to Alina Murar (html/css), Vasile Chindris (php technical implementation). Last, but not least a big thank to trender team – Giorgiana & Cristiana – for the patience, ambition, hard work, and for not stopping to believe in trender and epoint. A big hug to all of you!


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